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Web Design & Development

Every customer’s journey starts by researching online, and your brand’s website must guide potential customers through their journey. You should design it to tell them an engaging story, to highlight a problem, to provide the solution, to call them to action, and to promise a happy ending. In Webzool, web design agency in Los Angeles, we ensure that every client gets a happy ending with their website development by approaching each case with special sensitivity and professionalism.

Custom Web Development

We create Custom Websites from scratch considering each detail according to the requirements of the client. Our website development include varying interesting custom functionalities according to the business type. Designing eye-catching mockups for revision and only implementing the pages after getting the client satisfied. Our each client get the websites that are visually appealing, engage visitors, and convert those visitors into leads, sales, and opportunities.

WordPress Web Development

Because of its flexibility and user friendliness, most of the websites in the world is on WordPress platform. Our experienced developers build user-friendly, attractive and fully functioning websites according to the desires of our clients from different industries. We, an experienced web design agency in Los Angeles, provide high quality websites and blogs with high level security and speed optimization which will catch the attention of each customer visiting the website.

UI & UX Design

Our team of UI and UX designers make sure that the created layout is specifically convenient for targeted group of users of your business. Such that, it is ensured that the time your users are spending on your website is enjoyable for them and at the same time for you. We craft pleasant user experience through intuitively designed and strategic layouts. By that way, we as a web design company in Los Angeles, minimize the chance of losing any visitor in the website and maximizing the case of switching every user to customer.

E-commerce Web Development

Making your business a digital commercial success Our e-commerce websites are designed to provide users with clear messaging and strong calls-to-action to encourage conversion and drive sales. We by providing responsive web design in Los Angeles, create websites for assuring the best experience through intuitively designed and strategic layouts, fast loading pages, and an easy checkout process to increase brand loyalty for both e-commerce users and business owners.

Speed Optimization

People are not patient, and slow-loading web pages will most probably result in a higher bounce rate. Pages which take longer than 5 seconds to load, make visitors frustrated, and it gives them a reason to search elsewhere.

Service Process


You tell your idea, and we organize the website design to meet your business goals.


In this stage, we create a draft version and basic skeleton of the website based on the proposed layout.


Using the appropriate frameworks, we bring ideas to life from information construction to visual design.


After implementation, we test every single feature of website to make sure the product is fully ready to the use.

Ready To Go!

Making the website functional, we are always here to help you at further steps along the way.


One size does not fit all - Individual perspective and action for each niche and business.

Our Web design agency will help you to turn your idea into reality and enlighten the digital presence of your business. Lets make your business a digital commercial success!

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